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Apocrypha not found in the Bloginomicon of Richard S. Crawford

Richard S. Crawford
31 December
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I'm a 30-something all-too-infrequently published writer of speculative fiction (mostly horror and dark fantasy with comic elements) who makes a day-to-day living as a web developer and Linux guy at a large public University. I'm happily married with no kids and six cats. I read a lot, write a lot, get weird ideas in my head, and frequently post political polemics without thinking enough about the issues involved. Generally I'm a pretty liberal guy, but you may spot a conservative element or two if you pay close enough attention.

I'm also the editor in chief of


Everything else you could ever possibly want to know about me is at my homepage: http://www.mossroot.com.

Everyone else has a "friending policy". Why not me?

Generally, I'll add someone to my friends list if I enjoy reading what they have to say or if I know them personally. I don't expect reciprocal adds; I mean, if you don't enjoy what I have to say then why bother adding me to your friends list? I may take someone off my friends list if they haven't posted in forever, but if I do it's not to be taken as an insult or anything, just an indication that you haven't posted anything in a long time. Drop me a line if you're still around.

I read my flist frequently. I don't always comment, though. If I haven't commented, it doesn't mean I haven't read what you had to say and thought about it, just that I don't have anything interesting to say on the topic.

Um. That's all.